6400 - Antique Vintage Library Bookcase / Glass Display Cabinet / Chest Drawers

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This magnificent piece is hand signed by two people, one of them by J.M McLean 28th March 1914.  The first world war started exactly four months later, on 28th July 1914, so one wonders if one or both of these fine craftsmen volunteered (if they were the craftsmen or the owners?).  Either way, you would imagine they would have been worried about the state of world peace at the time of making this piece.  Fully lockable, it features;

  • solid English oak timber construction
  • dated 1914
  • 2 door glass display
  • original hand-made glass
  • 3 height adjustable timber shelves (removable)
  • exquisite wood grain figuring
  • 6 locks, 1 key (all locks work)
  • 5 hand-cut dovetail-joined drawers
  • beautiful Florentine bronze bail handles
  • 3 height adjustable timber shelves (removable)
  • bracket feet
  • 2 hand signed names and dates; J.M. McLean 28th March 1914 & Gen (?) 28th March 1914 (re the latter signature; he or she got the dates confused and initially wrote 30th … somethings never change! 😊)
  • in two sections for easy transporting

Condition overview; in very good condition, relative to its age, it is a solid, sturdy, beautifully crafted piece.  There are no cracks or chips in the glass.  As expected on a used piece of this vintage, there are general wear, knock and surface marks.  The bottom right-hand side handle part of the handle is not the same as the others.

Dimensions; 1050mm wide x 505mm deep x 2005mm high.  To top of chest of drawers; 1010mm high.  Library bookcase display internal depth; 225mm.

Please review the photos and the condition overview as they form part of the description. There may be variances in colour, as it can be difficult to capture exact colour at times. Also, it is impossible to mention / photograph every mark, therefore apart from general wear and tear marks, we endeavour to report and capture as many specific marks or damage, however we may inadvertently miss something. With this in mind; we encourage and highly recommend viewing of items.